Aluminium body post mount and Proline PowerStroke shocks

Proline PowerStroke shocks for Axial Yeti

Today I installed two easy upgrades to my Axial Yeti. First is aluminium body post mount, second are new ProLine PowerStroke shocks – and these are great – highly recommended, perfect fit for Yeti!

Axial Yeti aluminium body post mount

Rear ProLine PowerStroke XT (5″ Length) shocks filled with 30wt oil installed. Rear suspension now feels very solid and travels smoothly. After the tires, this is another upgrade that have huge impact on driving characteristics of the car. Install new tires, foams and shocks and you will be very amazed how better it will drive. Perfect!

Proline PowerStroke shocks XT installed on Axial Yeti

And here is the front. PowerStrokes look massive 🙂 They are more robust and have slightly larger diameter than stock Axial shocks. Be prepared for some clearance problems as those big shocks make contact with front links and driveshafts – did not matter to me as it is only minor problem. I checked it after first ride and it was OK. There are some signs of wear on contact spots, but it is OK.

UPDATE: So far after couple of months and heavy bashing, these shocks are holding pretty well. No leaks, no other problems, I only changed oil once and they are still performing pretty well. Great buy!

Proline PowerStroke front shocks installed on Axial Yeti

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