Assembling the wheels (Vanquish OMF + CI foams + Voodoo U4 tires)

Comparison of stock plastic Axial Yeti RTR wheel and Vanquish OMF aluminium wheel

Finally new aluminium wheels from Vanquish shown up. I picked 2.2 beadlock OMF wheels all in silver. I already have Voodoo U4 tires and Crawler Innovations foams installed on stock plastic wheels that came with RTR version of my Yeti and want to swap it to the new wheels now. Hopefully it should be fairy easy task so lets see how I carried out this task.

All parts for Vanquish OMF wheels

Here we go – all parts for building OMF wheels are on my table so I can start building the wheels. There is lot of screews and it can be challenging to press front and rear parts together to catch tires in beadlocks securely. Im wondering how I will be able to do this.

All parts of one Vanquish OMF wheel - Front ring, beadlock ring, clamp ring, rear ring and SLW hub

Every wheel consists of several parts – Front and back rings, clamp ring (this is the part that gous in between front and rear rings and is hidden inside the wheel when finished), beadlock ring (holds tire in place) and SLW hub (secures wheel to the driveshaft). All five parts (except the screws) are shown on picture above. OK, lets assemble this!

Vanquish OMF wheels assembly - front ring

First goes the front ring. I put all screws on place – make sure you do this step first because once you mount beadlock ring to the front ring, you will not be able to put these screws in because beadlock ring is overlapping front ring and you will not have enough clearance to put these bigger screws on.

Building Vanquish OMF wheels - beadlock ring mounted on front ring

Here we go, front part is almost finished. I did not tighten the screws all the way down as I will need to catch this front part to rear ring and having screw loose allows more space for manipulation. Some guys use DIY presses and other stuff to actually press front and rear parts together and then tighten them. I found my approach easier and working without the need for any special tools.

Clamp ring inserted inside Voodoo U4 tire together with CI foams

Then you need to put foam and clamp ring inside your tires. This is very easy – do not fear of using some force to squish foam into the tire – foam is very strudy and can take almost any rough handling.

Rear ring of Vanquish OMF wheels with SLW hub installed

Last step is placing rear ring into the place and trying to match front ring screws into rear ring holes. You can rotate as necessary nd once you are there start tightening screws in cross pattern. Do not tighten one screw all the way down, just few turns, then go to the screw at opposite side and repeat this process till you have it all tight as stone frequently checking tire position in beadlock – make sure it is well seated or you will have to redo whole process. Do not forget to use glue to keep all the screws in place and tight!

All Vanquish OMF wheels with Voodoo U4 tires ready for some fun!

And here we go finally – all four wheels are assembled and ready for action!

UPDATE: After lot of abuse the Vanquish OMF wheels are still intact. Only few minor scratches – no other problem. I was bashing them hard and they seems almost undestructible. Only problem that I was facing was torn tire in place where it is held by beadlock ring. I suppose this was tire defect and I swiftly replaced defective tire – now everything is OK and it holds up very well.

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