First video of Axial Yeti bashing in the water and mud!

Axial Yeti water and mud bashing

So that now I have wheels and suspension fully upgraded and Yeti drives alot better, I decided to take short video to show you how it performs. All is stock, except for wheels, tires, foams, shocks and few other things. After these upgrades, it feels much better. Handling is better, grip is better – lets take a look what this little investment can do with your Axial Yeti!

UPDATE: This bashing session destroyed my receiver. It is located in so-called “Waterproof receiver box” but it proven itself to be not waterproof at all! I never opened it – it was sealed badly by factory. This is common problem se be aware! Axial sent me replacement receiver and I carefully waterproofed it by myself and never experienced same problem after water runs…

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