HUGE UPGRADE! – Holmes Hobbies Puller PRO 540XL + Mamba Monster X + Holmes Hobbies HV500 Servo

Castle Creations Mamba Monster X installed in Axial Yeti

This is most important upgrade so far! It just came into my mailbox and contents of the package are following:

  • Holmes Hobbies Puller PRO 540XL (3500KV)
  • Castle Creations Mamba Monster X ESC
  • Holmes Hobbies HV500 Servo

I was happy to install all this stuff – it was either not easy but not hard. You will have to remove transmission and motor to have clearance needed to install new servo and ESC. Castle Crations Mamba Monster X is bigger than stock ESC unit and you will need to use bigger ESC holding pad. You can find it among spare parts that came with either RTR and KIT version. In case you will not find it, just modify one that was used to mount stock ESC (I have done that and just after I finished it some friend pointed out that there is bigger pad in spares).

Here is it just unpacked:

Holmes Hobbies Puller PRO 540XL + Holmes Hobbies HV500 servo + Castle Creations Mamba Monster X for my Axial Yeti!

Holmes Hobbies HV500 Servo is very powerfull pushing amazing 36 kg (500 oz) of torque at 8.4V – you can run it at 3S using Mamba Monster X build in BEC. It is also very fast – 0.11 sec at 8.4V. So far the best servo you can find for your Axial Yeti!

UPDATE: This servo is not fully waterproof. It is claimed by Holmes to be water resistand only so it can handle some light water splashes, but have not to be fully submersed in water. I destroyed it after one month – it died by water and dust getting in. I swapped it for waterproof Sawox SW-1210SG that is not that strong, but holds well after many water baths.

Holmes Hobbies HV500 servo is good match for Axial Yeti

You can watch performance of Holmes Hobbies HV500 servo on this short video that I took. It is very fast and razor sharp precise:

Testing offboard setup of Castle Creations Mamba Monster X together with HH Puller PRO 540XL – all works well:

Testing new ESC and Motor combo for my Axial Yeti basher

DIY ESC mounting pad that I made versus mounting pad for bigger ESC that I have found among spare parts that came with my Axial Yeti RTR:

DIY mounting pad for ESC versus original pad fount in Axial Yeti spare parts

New Holmes Hobbies servo installed and ready to install Mamba Monster X and HH motor:

Holmes Hobbies HV500 servo installed in Axial Yeti and ready for ESC and Motor installation.

Mamba Monster X ESC installed. I removed cooling fan as it is not waterproof and I will not need it when running on 3S (Mamba Monster X is designed to run up to 6S and this is where cooling fan kicks in). So do not wory and get rid of the fan – it works without any problems even on hot summer days, I can confirm it.

Castle Creations Mamba Monster X ESC installed in Axial Yeti RC car

I used double sided bonding tape together with zip tie – it is enough to hold it in place securely:

Castle Creations Mamba Monster X installed in Axial Yeti

And here is my Axial Yeti after this powerfull upgrade and first run. All is working as expected and on 3S this combo delivers tremendous amout of power!

New ESC + Motor + Servo after first test drive

Watch this video to see for yourself how powerfull my Yeti is now – reaching top speed of around 45 km/h (29 mph). Note that some parts of the video are slowed down to 50%.


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