Lets get inside Axial Yeti for the first time!

Axial Yeti RTR inspection after first run

My initial testdrive is done and now I want to check my Yeti for any damage and clean it. I already know that I lost part of the swaybar during my first run – not a big deal as you can still drive it (right front wheel up!). I definitely want to fix this together with any other broken parts that I find during my first inspection.

Apart from that swaybar I did not found any visible damage during my close inspection – everythin seems to work just fine and it is time to move on with upgrades as I want this car to be high performance basher. First thing I want to do is change wheels and tires. I will go with some of the Vanquish aluminium wheels and Voodoo U4 tires. Later, I will swap every plastic part on the Yeti for stronger machined parts. I decided to go with Vanquish and stay away from cheap chineese parts as I want this to be as rugged as possible. Stay tuned!

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