List of parts for my Axial Yeti build

Axial Yeti aftermarket parts

Bought RTR version of Axial Yeti and going to completely rebuild this beast using various aftermarket parts. My aim is for bullet proof bashing car so durability and performace are on first place.

Here is list of all parts used in my build:

Team Ottsix Voodoo U4 (blue)
Crawler Innovations Deuce’s Wild Single Stage Closed Cell (standard)
MIP X-Duty Rear C-Drive Kit For Axial Yeti #14390
Vanquish Aluminum Front Shock Tower Black Anodized #VPS07790
Vanquish Aluminum Double Sheer Steering Rack Kit #VPS07230
Vanquish Aluminum Front Shock Adjuster Black #VPS07770
Vanquish Front Skid Plate Black #VPS07890
Vanquish Titanium Front Link Kit #VPS07200
Vanquish Titanium Rear Upper Suspension Link Kit #VPS07201
AX31169 – Axial Machined Body Post Mount (Hard Anodized)
AX31166 – Axial Machined Shock Mount Plates (Hard Anodized) (2 pcs)
ProLine PowerStroke XT Shocks (5” Length) – 6275-00
ProLine Power Stroke Shocks – 6063-01
Vanquish Yeti Motor Cam Black Anodized
Vanquish Yeti Motor Plate Black Anodized
RRP1564 – Robinson Racing Gen 3 Slipper Unit for Axial Yeti – 64T Black Steel Spur
NOVAK 5mm 32-Pitch Steel Pinion Gear 3-Pack (15T/16T/17T)
OMF 2.2 Wheel Clamp Ring
OMF 2.2 Front Ring Clear Anodized
OMF 2.2 NXG1 Rear Ring Clear Anodized
OMF 2.2 Original Beadlock Clear Anodized
Scale Wheel Screw Kit
SLW Hub Screw Kit
Vanquish Aluminum SLW 475 Wheel Hubs Silver #VPS01043
Vanquish Aluminum SLW 850 Wheel Hubs Silver #VPS01627
Vanquish Aluminum Bell Crank Black #VPS07810
Vanquish Aluminum Steering Rack Black #VPS07231
Holmes Hobbies Puller PRO BL 540 XL 3500 KV (Waterproofed)
Mamba Monster X
Holmes Hobbies HV500 SERVO
Vanquish Centered Pumpkin Rear Currie Axle Black #VPS07400
Vanquish Incision VDI #IRC00021
Axial Yeti / EXO Steering Knuckles Black Anodized
Yeti Front Caster Blocks Black Anodized
RPM Front A arms for Axial EXO Terra Buggy #70472
GPM Aluminum Anti Roll Bar Set Green For Axial Yeti #YT311FL-G
GPM Steel #45 Front Wheel Joint 1 Pair Set For Axial Yeti #YT039FS
Boom Racing Aluminum Rear 4 Link Mounts – 1 Pair Black
Boom Racing Aluminum Rear Lower Links – 1 Pair Black
Boom Racing Performance Combo Package D With Tool Box (Rear Sway Bar Mount,Anti-Sway Bar Arms,Anti-Sway Bar Links) Black
Team DC Axial Yeti Chassis Protector for Yeti Matt Black
Integy Billet Machined Front Bulkhead (Black)
Integy Billet Machined Spur Gear Cover Assembly*(Silver)
Integy Billet Machined Gearbox Case Set*(Silver)
Integy Billet Machined Alloy+CF Rear Cage Stiffener (Black)
Integy Billet Machined Spring Loaded Front Bumper Mount Kit (Black)
Integy Billet Machined Upper Deck Brace*(Black)
Integy Billet Machined Front Bumper Set w/ LED Lights*(Black)
Incision Spool/Locker
Robinson Racing Extra Hard Steel One Piece 15 Tooth Idler Gear Gun Metal For Axial Yeti #1515

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