Robinson Racing Gen3 slipper unit (64T) + Vanquish aluminium motor mount

Robinson Racing Gen3 slipper unit 64T

I just received and installed new Robinson Racing slipper unit (spur gear) into my Axial Yeti and I must say that this is wonderfull piece of gear! Installation is straightforward and this RR is able to take all the power delivered by most powerfull motors on 3S. You will change motor pinion gear from time to time, but never this slipper unit!

UPDATE: After almost half a year and some serious bashing sessions Robinson Racing slipper unit just holds – there are not even slightest signs of wear on the spur gear. Slipper pad is OK too. Running on 3S with Holmes Hobbies Puller Pro BL 540 XL motor. I went through few motor pinion gears – they are cheap to replace – and Im happy that this Robinson slipper is OK.

Robinson Racing 64T spur gear replacement installed on Axial Yeti

Stock Axial Yeti motor pinion gear versus Novak pinion gear

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