Vanquish titanium front links and shock adjuster installation

Changing front links on Axial Yeti

Next upgrades are front titanium links from Vanquish and shock adjuster that is extending upper shock mount positions for better stability in turns. I decided to use shock adjuster because I want maximal performance in turns and on high speed. This upgrade makes Yeti more stable when turning, but it also shortens front suspension travel so you need to decide wisely what is more important for you.

I can sacrifice some suspension travel as Im not crawling, but mainly bashing around and often running on high throttle. During my initial testing after this upgrade, I found my Yeti more stable in turns – it will not flip over to the roof so easily and that is exactly what I want – now can go much faster…

Vanquish front links installed on Axial Yeti RC Car

Vanquish titanium links are nice upgrade – they are rock solid, but I hate fact that you are not able to fine tune front wheel alignment (camber, caster, toe) as these links ar not adjustable at all. UPDATE: After some time using Vanquish titanium links, I decided to drop them off and use Traxxas links instead as they offer easy adjustability and you can tune wheel alignment for any specific needs. Vanquish links have slight toe-in by default and I do not like it.

Vanquish front links installed on Axial Yeti

Vanquish shock adjuster on place. This piece is direct bolt-on to the shock tower and very easy install. What it does is that it extends upper shock mounting holes more to the sides so your Yeti will get more stable post. Helps in turns a lot, but also makes your front very easy to bottom out – that is sort disadvantage and tradeoff of being more stable in turns. If you want better high speed turning performance, go for it. If you prefer more suspension travel and flexibility for technical crawling, please do not install this upgrade 🙂

Vanquish shock adjuster installed on Axial Yeti

Axial Yeti front after new links installed

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