Vanquish titanium front links for Axial Yeti

Vanquish front links installed on Axial Yeti RC Car

This is very simple and cheap upgrade – Vanquish titanium front links. They make front end much strudier and you will not break them in case of crash, harsh jumps – whatever happens, you will break something else, not any of these links.

UPDATE: Vanquish front links looks cool, are well made, but one thing I do not like about them – you will not be able to fine tune your front wheel geometry (caster, camber, toe). There are better options such as cheap Traxxas links (TRA3643) that are easily adjustable once installed. They do not look that great and are not that durable (but still enough to take some abuse). It is up to you – go Vanquish for cool look, or go Traxxas for functionality.

Vanquish front links installed on Axial Yeti

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