Waterproof receiver box? Not really! Waterproofing new receiver unit.

Waterproof receiver box is not waterproof on Axial Yeti

First huge problem is here! My steering started lagging. I suspected that my Tactic servo have some problem so I stated testing by swapping channel 1 (steering) and 2 (throttle) on receiver. This way you can easily rule out broken parts – if servo does not work correctly on throttle channel, then servo is damaged. If it works on throttle channel, then something went wrong with servo channel on receiver. At least that was a plan…

Testing servo by swapping channel 1 and 2

Unfortunately, befor I was even able to run this test, I discovered what is cause of the problem – my receiver was full of water! It came out on me immediately after I opened this should-be-waterproof-receiver-box. Anyway, I continued with the test to just confirm that my receiver is dead. Here is how it looks – just enough water to kill this little thing:
Axial Yeti receiver destroyed by water leaking into receiver box

Water in waterproof receiver box

Because this receiver box is stated as waterproof by Axial and they have this even on their site, I asked my supplier what to do and they told me that they will send new receiver to me 🙂 I did not wanted to wait for the swap so I just bought new receiver and use swapped one as a spare. Now I do not trust this waterproof box anymore and decided to waterproof my new receiver so I can prevet happening this again. Waterproofing is very easy, you can just use good amount of Liquid electrical tape, Corrosion X or Conformal coating. I choose the first option. First thing I have done was making sure this tiny LED light will not be covered by liquid tape and I also protected metal pins:

preparation for waterproofing servo

Once prepared, I coated receiver unit with huge amount of that Liquid electrical tape thing, let it dry couple of hours and then repeat whole process again to have nice thick layer protection. Do not worry about small switch button (used for pairing receiver with transmitter) – you can cover it by liquid tape, it will work.

UPDATE: This waterproofing method was sucessfull. My Yeti (including receiver) managed to survive many water and mud baths so definitely try this out – it is chep and works just fine!

Servo waterproofed by liquid electrical tape

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